Community Connecting Consulting was launched in 2008 by Ben Weinlick to help improve services that vulnerable populations access. In 2014 Ben and Community Connecting Consulting were awarded the Community Disability Service Sector Leadership Award from the Alberta Government for leading innovative approaches to improve the quality of life of some of Alberta’s most vulnerable people.

Ben has both the family perspective on services as well as 17 years experience striving to lead positive change in a variety of leadership roles within Human Service organizations. His work with Project Citizenship as the Senior Leader of Research and Social Innovation at Skills Society has been recognized in the Stanford Social Innovation Review Magazine and his startup Think Jar Collective is known internationally as a source for information and new thinking around what supports relevant innovation in organizations today. 


Innovative Social Change Projects Ben Weinlick Leads (click on the links)

Skills Society's Action Lab Community Research Space

Project Citizenship: People with disabilities and their stories of engaged citizenship

Humanized Disability Service Planning App

Skills Society's CommuniTEA Infusion Project

Skills Society's Citizen Action Lab

Think Jar Collective

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