Some inspiring stories that community connecting consulting has helped to foster

Sean's Story

 Sean is a young man with autism who is discovering his identity and contributing his gifts in unique and meaningful ways.

Sean is an active citizen through his roles giving historical information about Edmonton to customers at Fort Edmonton and through his paid work at Timbertown 

Check out how Sean was recognized by Fort Edmonton here and his great video below.

Aaron's Story

Aaron is a young entrepreneur who happens to have autism. 

Ben Weinlick and community connecting consulting helped Aaron and his family launch his Lego portrait and logo business. Currently Aaron has his shop in the hub of Edmonton's Startup community called Vacancy Hall.  

Get a custom portrait or your business logo in lego through Aaron's website 


Brad's Story

Brad is a young entrepreneur with autism who uses his skills to build furniture for people and offices. 

Ben Weinlick worked with Brad and his family on generating the idea for Brad's business as they discovered together Brad had a knack for putting together Lego. 

Brad'd story has been shared internationally and he is quite well known throughout Edmonton