Community Connecting Consulting services include... 

  • Keynote speaking on social innovation, citizenship and disability
  • Human centered service re-design 
  • Leading workshops on community connecting and building bridges for people with disabilities in community 
  • Building inclusive workplace cultures
  • Consulting with families and people with disabilities to help find and mentor creative, community minded supports. In this capacity, Community Connecting Consulting connects people with disabilities to stellar community support workers and community builders. Through an innovative family centered service model, the person with a disability's family receives funding directly from the Alberta government and is the employer of successful applicants for positions posted by Community Connecting Consulting. Community Connecting Consulting works with families to advise, hire, mentor, train and connect staff.

Workshops we regularly get asked to do

  • Being, Belonging, Becoming: Practices that support improving quality of life
  • Community Connecting In Action, 2008 ©
  • Fostering Relevant Creativity in Human Service Design, 2010 ©
  • Human Centered Service Design Thinking for Social Good
  • Setting up Social labs
  • What the heck is Social Innovation? 

Innovative Social Change Projects Ben Weinlick Leads ( Click links)

Skills Society's Action Lab Community Research Space

Project Citizenship: People with disabilities and their stories of engaged citizenship

Humanized Disability Service Planning App

Skills Society's CommuniTEA Infusion Project

Skills Society's Citizen Action Lab

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